Friday, August 6, 2010

Every Day, In Every Way, I Get A Little Bit Crunchier

Lately, I've been using my soap to wash my face. It's really creamy and lovely, and then I've been using organic olive oil as moisturiser.

The idea of avoiding using chemicals on my face is very appealing, and opting out of another kind of marketing sell just makes me feel all happy and socking-it-to-the-man fantastic.

Of course, there are risks. One morning, George Colambaris might appear, roll me in a parmesan crust and pop me a in low oven for forty-five minutes. The other risk is that I may not be keeping myself at peak marriage-hotness. Yes, it's true that Keith thinks the joy of marriage is to let oneself go. And he's not one to have his eye turned.

But what about all those nubile young lady-geeks at the solar lab, showing just a hint of lacy pocket-protecter as they lean seductively into the plasma-enhanced chemical vapour-deposit machine?

I shall stay alert, but not alarmed.


  1. well, i saw you the other day and you looked utterly hot. step off, nubile nerds.

  2. yeah, I have seen you in lippy no need to worry about nerdy wenches methinks.
    I use handmade soap that is all natural- our neighbours make it but we don't buy it from them directly cos they are a bit... wet... and whiney so I would rather pay the extra and support the local not for profit organic food shop... I sound so pious...
    it feels so good to be better than enveryone else.

  3. tongue planted firmly in cheek of COURSE

  4. You can talk, Rach. I hear you've been flirting shamelessly with short-sighted bank tellers.

  5. Where does one purchase organic olive oil? I have been know to moisturise with home brand - me thinks this is not really the thing.

  6. olive oil will keep you looking younger than any chemical laden moisturizer, I am certain. xx m.

  7. Rach, I'd be more worried about no SPF in the olive oil? I guess if you cover up all the time, this isn't an issue?
    Sounds lovely for your skin though. I'm thinking I might try it of a night. I need my SPF during the day.

  8. I should splash out on some fancy olive oil rather than continually using the bottle above the stove!

    You could always ditch the shampoo + conditioner as well. I switched to the bicarb + vinegar (I know it sounds all Shannon Lush but it does the job) about 6 months ago. If I look greasy-haired occasionally it's because I haven't washed my hair rather than what I wash it with!

  9. i like to surround myself with crunchy people. . . helps me feel normal.


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