Monday, July 5, 2010

Thirty-Nine, Dudes!

It's been quiet her in Mogantosh town. I've been battling with a low-grade virus for control of the body, and it's been winning. Feeling a bit defeated by the house, the kids, and life this week. No energy to get on top of things. Holiday malaise.

Yesterday, at breakfast, it all fell apart. Ivy took a bite of her banana and then refused any more. 'Why should I?' she said. 'Because it's disrespectful to the banana!' I fretted hopelessly, as my internal self regarded me with pity. Teddy pulled his banana in two and then sobbed for ten minutes because I couldn't put it back together.

We're all just a bit off kilter.

But then my birthday appeared! I was woken by a puddle of children bearing a coffee machine, snotty cuddles and lots of chocolate. Keith produced Eggs Benedict and Ivy helped me eat it. Then she helped me me set the equipment up, and our first round of latte and cino-babies were superb. I told the kids we'll be having elevenses from now on and practicing the art of conversation. Ivy said 'Yes, like when Teddy did push me over in the kitchen.' Gossipy, dramatic, slightly bitchy- a good start.

Keith went back to work in the caravan and I pottered around, trying to get the house in order and stroking my coffee machine. Went nowhere, saw nobody. I felt the love of friends and family via Facebook and singing telephone calls, but didn't actually have to put a bra on.

Last night we split a cupcake and then convened the Family Band for a session. Ivy (who only answers to Laura Ingalls this week) rocked some crazy harmonica. Teddy trashed the set. Keith and I got some excellent harmony once or twice.

I love this crew of mine so much.


  1. Happy bday. Hit the 39 mark myself in June just past. Much like you, with flu and snot and all the kiddles version of love and an overwhelming sense of how much I am loved, enough to rise above all the crud and crap like housework and tanties over broken bananas.

    Hope those tete a tetes over cinos are full of scintillating gossip over who did what to when and memories

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are feeling much better..if it's any consolation, the broken banana is the cause of many a meltdown at our place, sometimes I have to really thnk about whether to feed them the banana..could be more trouble than it's worth!

  3. Happy birthday! Coffee and snot and cuddles in bed - perfect!! ;)

  4. I wish you a broken bannana or two, a coffee that is almost warm with all the fluff eaten, a wet sticky nose and even stickier fingers....

    xx Birthday buddy Cooper Trooper

  5. Oh man - what is this sickness we all be struck with? I'm over it. You're surely over it. And my sister and I have decided that if you're sick on your birthday, you get another shot at it when you're better. So she and I are getting another go sometime soon!

    Happy birthday beautiful, smart, funny, awesome, excellent mama, may your days be super ace and your cino-babies be super frothy. xxx

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Elevenses are a wonderful thing. You'd think that onces in Chile would mean the same thing, but strangely it's afternoon tea. (Which is not to say that I'm not happy to take both!)

  7. Happy Birthday, and welcome to the club! 39 must be a good year for blogging...

  8. Joyeux Anniversaire from the cc gang !


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