Friday, July 2, 2010

Sleepy Bears.

Big Daddy made it safely home from his conference. Hip Ray!

He's taken a weeks holiday, and we've stayed low, struck with holiday sloth, and a little bit of virus. Lots of big plans have been sidelined in favour of long baths and trashy memoirs and couch-napping. Ivy is going through what I believe is called a challenging phase.

It's taking some management.

Over the last few days she's tried to talk her way out of bed with:

a) Insisting 'But I had a nightmare!' (moments after the door is shut)
b) Throwing herself onto the floor and insisting she can't get up.
c) Biting herself vigorously on the arm and then weeping in surprised indignation.

Teddy is not so much a small boy as a child-sized mound of snot in a Wondersuit. He's got a streaming, gummy-eyed, sneezy, coughing bastard of a cold, and all he can say, over and over, is 'Mummy Bear' in a particular rising inflection that is both warming my heart and burning a hole in my brain.

It's been colder than the heart of a politician around here. Rugged up almost beyond his capacity to wal and clutching his 'babies', Ted ventured out into the backyard long enough to accept a gift of home-made lemon curd from Helen next door.

Keith's been doing some work on phase 2 of his bookshelf project.

There's been a bit of rocking out.

But mainly, there seems to have been a lot of this.

I think we've needed it.
Hopefully we'll return to higher-order functioning soon.


  1. Maybe Busy has been reading this blog about Ivy as she too has started with the laying on the floor screaming "I can't get up". FUN! yesterday when she was angry with me she said to me with finger pointed (i don't ever do that and I don't knwo who does) "and that is the end of the story for you mummy!" It sounded like a threat.
    Glad the man has returned.

  2. Glad the man is back. Hope the little mound of snot is on the mend, and that Ivy's challenging phase is short-lived.

  3. 'tis the season for the snotties, but man I could do without them!

    Hope you guys are fully recuperated and without snot by the end of the weekend. Couch sleeps sound right up my alley.

    Be better soon, x

  4. the pics of 2 babies with daddy and the last one of snuggles are so lovely - no to the snotties be gone! (and the bedtime tanties)

  5. That music video has warmed me up to summer! Thanks Ivy!


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