Monday, July 12, 2010

The Power of Positivity - Can You Help?

An old friend of mine is coping bravely with every parents nightmare - her 21 month old son has been diagnosed with leukaemia. She is posting about his journey to health here, and tomorrow Cindy and Pete receive the results of his bone marrow biopsy.

Cindy is asking for help. She says:

I believe that the thoughts and words we choose to focus on or put energy into have a powerful effect on our lives. Studies have proven that collective meditation, prayer, positive thoughts or affirmations can make a real difference in the circumstances of our lives. The more specific you are with your thoughts, words, prayers, and desires - the more you are likely to manifest the specific outcomes you are desiring.

Tomorrow we will be getting the results of Oscar's bone marrow biopsy and current research shows that children who go into remission in the first 4-6 weeks have a better prognosis.So, whatever your belief system, could you please all take time out at 7pm Monday 12th and either think a positive thought for us, prayer for us, or send some positive energy our way.

It has been shown that if you all do it at the same time the collective power of your consciousness is more effective. Insert your own belief system - I have no prejudice for any particular religion, philosophy or approach - they all lead to the same positivity as far as I am concerned. Please try to be specific in your thought/prayer/meditation, for example:

"Oscar's bone marrow is clear and he is in remission."

7pm, my friends! Pray, think, wish, meditate and send little Oscar your best.

Also, if you have any experience of helping a child through cancer, please comment on Cindy's blog. I know she'd appreciate your support and advice.


  1. I've read this too late... but I am still thinking of him. And will be. x


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