Friday, July 23, 2010

Interpretive Dance: I Love You.

I was having a bad morning. And then a friend sent me this and I interpretive danced my troubles away. And now I will teach the kids to do the same; with particular focus on the fine mime-work in 'let me into your window.'


  1. You must, must, must have the red dress and matching tights! My best friend and I would go into fits watching this when we were 15.

    Circa 1985, I would borrow the tape of 'The Hounds of Love' from the local library and do heartfelt interpretive dance in the sitting room.

  2. Gosh I love Kate Bush!

    Thanks for the clip, it's brilliant!


  3. Fantastic!!! Just the tonic for a weary Friday night xo

  4. Yowzers! I will never, ever worry that I'm taking my interpretive dance too seriously again. I'm with you on the pulsating, gyrating moves around 'let me into your window'... sublimely disturbing.


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