Monday, July 19, 2010

Homemade Board Games.

As I write, Keith is on the floor with the kids teaching them how to play his new board game 'Internet Safety Precludes Me from Using The Actual Name Of Our Street.'

Amongst other skills it's teaching Ivy how to make a dice-shaking face. You play by making your way from the letterbox home, past the kookaburra fence, the lemon tree, a short-cut to Milla's house, etc...

It's made, possibly, in a fit of wholesomeness inspired by the compulsive watching of The Wire we've been doing on our new flashy television. I'll show it to you soon, in a guilty post I promise to title 'Bogantosh.'


  1. The Wire is such an awesome show. One of the best I've ever seen. Love it.

  2. Massive Wire lovers here , loved it. we would be counting the hours til Busy went to bed so we could get stuck into it and would sometimes watch 3 eps in a night. on a school night! The rebellion just doesn't stop here!
    great game! love the idea. x

  3. We are Wire Heads too. And funnily enough we started watching it the same time we bought our big, snazzy tv! It is highly addictive. Love the idea of the game, very sweet x

  4. Ok, ok, clearly I need to watch The Wire. Meanwhile, love the boardgame and hanging out for Bogantosh!!!


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