Saturday, July 17, 2010

Date Night (5-Star Style.)

Keith and I have been off in the big city celebrating our birthdays.(He's my toy boy for another two weeks.) It was a top night out, and more than a little fancy-of-the-pants. I wore red lipstick and dangly earrings, and my handbag contained no sultanas.

Courtesy of a friend who works for the Belvoir St Theatre, we scored some tix to see Benedict Andrew's super-mod version of Measure For Measure.

We had much 5-star fun in the Sofitel. Cognac and apple martinis while inventing tales about odd characters in the bar. Ooh la la.

Looking for a late-night coffee shop, we stumbled across Rockpool instead. Dessert and coffee, Masterchef style. This here is a pecan doughnut number with an apple sundae side manoeuvre. Yes thank you.

This morning, newspapers in bed followed by Eggs Benedict in our old Summer Hill haunt.

We're home now. Keith raced off to soccer the minute we hit the driveway, Teddy greeted me with a career-best in the Stinky Poo Olympics, and Ivy had covered the big issues with Nanna and Pop. 'If Mummy dies, and Teddy dies, and Daddy dies, can I come and live at your house?'

Thanks to Mum and Dad again, for best the Best Babysitters Eva. To the kiddoes, for being so well-behaved. And to Keith for being such a damn hot date!


  1. Super ace post! woo hoo for you. Looks like you had a fabulous time, phew, you really covered some ground. You two lovebirds look very glam, glad you had a break & so much fun xo

  2. You sure crammed a lot in to that date night. Happy happy days to you both. I dont know what part to be the most envious about. How about I just say all of it (well maybe not the stinky poo on your return or the existential crises of wee ones - although it sounds like she had it pretty sorted)

  3. I really, really am loving these photos and words a whole bunch of lotsa lotsa lotsa. That date night is the date night of all date nights. LOVE the LOVE! xxx (Happy Birthdays high fives!)

  4. Happy birthday guys! You guys are HOT. HOT HOT HOT!! Love the red lippie. xx

  5. A date is so good!!! I laughed when you said about no sultanas in your bag - Chef and I went out last night and I was thrilled to just carry a tiny little purse. It is the simple things.
    So nice to SEE you proper like. happy birthdays too. xx

  6. No sulatanas? Not even one, stuck to your credit card? That sounds like a very proper, grown-up date. Well done!

  7. I'm going to show this post to my husband. Do you mind if I edit it first, and throw in a little bit about being able to 'hold congress' without trying to be quiet or rolling over onto a soft toy?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Show your husband and edit at will Shell. As long as I can co-opt the phrase 'hold congress' and use it as dirty talk. And I really hope that you're not referring to Stocko's manhood when you speak of 'rolling over onto a soft toy'.


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