Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yes Rain, You've Made Your Point.

We're old school here at the ranch, in terms of newfangled conveniences like your flushing
tor-lets and your town water. We're tanky-wankers, so when the rain buckets down like it has for the last few weeks, it's happy noise for us.

But come on, torrential downpour! Did you have to arrive during my favourite time of year? The season thats been marked on the calendar for weeks? The happy holiday known as Hard Rubbish, dammit?

It's like the Grouch says:

My scavenging heart has broken while the water has poured down and soaked all the delicious piles of crap by the road. I've only managed to snaffle one thing, but I do like it. I wonder what it welcomed before?

Right now I'm writing while Keith is on baby duty. We are all about swapsies on a lazy weekend day like this, with an hour on, hour off system. During your hour, you're on kid-duty, so you can do whatever you like while managing the smallies. Then we swap. Sometimes we give each other a few minutes extra, just for being good.

In breaks between rain-showers, I've been trying to tame the laundry monster, Keith has been measuring out a raised vegie bed, and Ted and Ivy have been making some excellent mud pies.

The mud is chilly though, so after a good pie-session, I put them to work tramping on a woolly blanket I was soaking in the bath. Once they sat on a warm, soft bath-cushion, there was no getting out again. It rained before I could hang it on the line, so they're sitting on it again tonight. It might be there for weeks, frankly.

Teddy is really getting some vocabulary going, and it is amazing to watch him communicate his internal world, even if sometimes it hurts ones feelings. Tonight, I served up pasta for dinner. Slaving, hot stove, etc etc. Teddy looked at it and announced 'Dog food, Mama.'

Everyones a critic.


  1. Hmmm not great timing, you don't need any interference during hard rubbish week!! I do appreciate the beautiful sound of rain on the roof though, having grown up on tank water, it's like music to the ears...

  2. dog food - oh thats good. sure beats the standard oh yuk mum
    Love it (AND simultaneously feel your pain!)

  3. Love the cow, great score even if it was only little... I'm with you, I wonder what it welcomed in it's formed life... :)

    Hugs - Jodie

  4. I hear you with the non flushing toilet and water tanks only. Once our tank is full the rain can cease as far as we are concerned. Anything after that is a waste of water.
    Your parenting style is so similar to ours with the swapsies.... it has stopped raining here too... my condolenses about teh hard rubbish, I feel for you, that is a trerrrible loss( of opportunity)

  5. Dog food?!! Too funny! Personally, I am doing a little jig every time the sun appears. Which it has now. So time to step away from the computer and make the most of those rare rays...!

  6. Gah. We had so much rain over the weekend, Max's play school has been flooded. So here am I - at home with both boys (Alex's nanny is off until tomorrow for her sister's wedding). It's been pretty good, but MUCHO work! Boys have unlimited sources of energy, huh?

  7. LOL. I so hear you- it always seems to rain on hard rubbish week! I am always out desperately perusing the streets as the dark cloulds lurk ominously!


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