Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Old Men Dancing. Hip Ray!

Okay, enough of the depressing moral quandaries! None of us will ever eat again. But thank you for all your interesting comments. My, what a marvellous, intelligent and wildly attractive bunch you are.

But, collectively, we also forgot about the bastard duopoly that runs the supermarkets in Australia, and also about the palm oil plantations desecrating the orangutan habitat in Borneo (potentially to extinction.) It's close to impossible to avoid palm oil products, but you can download a PDF of the Palm Oil Scorecard which can help to navigate through this confusing issue (originally posted at Towards Sustainability.)

Let's stop worriting our pretty heads for ten minutes and look back to a sweeter, more innocent time, when instead of making the food shop into an ethical minefield, old men just kicked up their arthritic heels and danced their flat little bottoms off.

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  1. Haha, Mary Poppins was on the other night. Abigail and I watched it together, she loved it.

    Flat bottoms indeed! ahahahaha


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