Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Which I Come Over Right Mooshy.

I started writing this blog when Ivy was five months old.We'd had just fled the city and moved in amongst the barbarian bobos on the coast. Tearfully, I'd I'd left behind a bunch of beloved buddies, a big clutch of whom had all hit thirty-five and jumped on what my friend Lucy called 'the last train to Babytown.' Even my darling little sister was peachy. It was a tough time to start over. Newly minted into mama-hood, I arrived in town and sourced a mothers group. At our first meeting the baby nurse introduced me. 'This is Rachael, and she's just moved to the area.' 'Yes,' I said and added, Single White Female style 'and I've got no friends!'

In an attempt to keep our crew looped into our changing lives, I googled 'what is blog + lazy technophobe' or something similar. Incredibly; this free template popped up that allowed me to post copy in one hole and pics in another, and there it was, a website, all professional and fancy-looking! (To my shame, I haven't progressed out of the template since.)

I loved writing in this little sort of diary for our far-flung family and friends, but I didn't read any blogs when I started. Slowly I happened on one or two other sites and began to get a sense of this whole new world. This system where if you liked what somebody had written, you could tell them. If the conversation was interesting, you could chip in. The first time somebody I didn't know left a comment on a post I'd written it blew my mind.

I re-hooked up with a few long-lost good friends in the most satisfying way, and I started to feel weirdly connected to people through reading about their lives. I learned stuff. I laughed a lot. My thinker got interested. I started entering the conversations.

Three years on, I'm still living with the bobos and the babies, and my profoundly shifted friendship and social geography has settled into its new shape. I adore my coastal community (and I even retain a couple of friends I didn't scare at that early mothers group.) I see my old friends whenever I can, in intense bursts, and I've come to terms with my radical sisterectomy. But now I have this whole other community too; this blogging gang, this group of fascinating women across the globe, with whom I share a language and a culture, and a history of sorts.

It's freaky, man. Especially when they cross the INVISIBLE WALL into REAL LIFE.

A package arrived today from Georgie Love- you might know her from such classics as Awesome Online Emporium and Gorgeous Store of Gorgeousness. She sent me a gift because I was having a rough time a few weeks ago and she wanted to cheer me up.

But, fellas, this package was so amazing, like a beautifully wrapped Tardis of art that kept offering up more wonders. Bubbles for Ivy and Ted. Chocolates. A beautiful book. A gorgeous top. Hair clips. Lucky dips. An affectionate and charming card. And maybe even more bits that I've forgotten.

In the car, I cried. It was like a shower of love fell onto my lap from the universe.

I've never met Sal from Georgie Love. She lives far away. But I could tell you many, many things about her life, her family, her good days and her bad ones. Funny stuff and thoughtful stuff. She could tell you the same about me, and she's not the only one. She's not even the only one who's sent random mail - the lovely pottymouthmama surprised Ivy with some crazy skull fabric when she was deepest in her skull obsession, and that just made our week too.

Blogging buddies, you are really wonderful. And Georgie Love, you're amazing. I'm touched in my deepest non-lady parts. I'm inspired to some random acts of love now, too, so beware, ladies,and prepare for CRAP IN THE MAIL!


  1. As ever, Rachael, I couldn't have said it better myself. Our recent move was also the impetus for starting my blog. So glad to have found this bloggy world---it fills in the gaps all around!

  2. Aw, lovely!! She sounds fantastic.

  3. You are hilarious. Chef thinks I have some kind of internet shopping addirtion as I do get lots of little packages from bloggy friends- and I send them too... I love it. I love the caring and sharing and sense of community...


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