Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hip Ray for Domestic Day

We're deep in Domestic Day today, where we don't get in the car, and we try to make a dent in the housework. The kids have been following me around with lemon-oil and white-vinegar soaked cloths and cleaning corners.

I'm picking ticks off little heads.
Making plans to take Keith on a secret date.
Serving hot Milo in the skull cup and frozen blueberries in the cow bowl.
Listening to podcasted Safran and NPR.

I'm still on a bit of a package high from yesterday (a useful phrase for the sex addicts amongst us? No judgement) but the bod is weary.

This morning started at 5.30 when Teddy decided that sleep was for the weak.We've been up and down all through the nights for the last couple of months with both of them, but Ted's new passion is for 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' at all hours of the night. 'Rowboat!' he demands and 'Hip Ray!' he cries when we wearily accede. 'Hip Ray!' is pretty hilarious as an expression of delight and I like to use it myself whenever I can.

But I think I need a new lullaby:


  1. This morning, for about the eleventh in a row I was woken at 0430 with the following demand: "Mummy, can we make playdoh now? Playdoh NOW Mummy! I want to make Playdoh NOW! Can we make it pink today Mummy? Or Red. How about you open your eyes Mummy! Playdoh N.O.W. Mummy!!! I think I'll have some boobie first..."

    I'm with you on the weary. Hip Ray for early morning risers.

    PS How does one get podcasts?
    PPS My word veri is frali which is how I feel, so frail I can't spell.

  2. HIP RAY!

    I love it.... must use it today at some point.

  3. With us, it's all about the spider. 3 AM: "'Ah do 'pider? Mommy do 'pider? 'Pider time! Mommy, up! 'Scu me...'pider!" (helpfully contorting my hands into some semblance of Itsy-Bitsiness...)

    Whomever taught this kid the damned spider song should be very much ashamed.

  4. Keith's other favourite is when Ivy dragged him from sleep in the early hours calling 'Dad. Dad. DADDY. Dad. Dad. DADDY...' He finally gave in and when he got to her and said 'What is it?' she said 'Could you please ask Mum to come in?'

    Tuesdays, you can podcast with an Ipod - do you have one? Then you can connect speakers to it to play things in the house. Or you can stream programs straight from the computer- what I tend to do; if you can attach a speaker to that. There are great programs at, and BBC4, and Radio National. Email me if you're confused. Maybe I'll post on it sometime.



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