Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grasshopper Soup.

Saucepan + water + dirt buys just enough time for Mum to hang out the clothes on the terrace above the action. Chilly, cloudy day = terrible laundry-drying weather, but really pretty camera light.

And in moving pictures:


  1. We have the old concrete laundry tub under our clothes line as well. Little Tuesday tends to the basil and mint while I peg out.

    I'd love to try Ivy and Ted's grasshopper soup - Ivy's face is so Masterchef!

    (Ps my word veri is downeria... what does it mean?)

  2. Too gorgeous!! I love watching our boys so busy at play...mmmm soups looking delicious too...

  3. love it - you will have to get them making stone soup or wombat stew
    PS your 2 are gorgeous and love all the winter woolies

  4. Too cute for words. Love their little outfits and Ivy's face in the second photo is fabulous! xx

  5. Love Ivy's expression in the last pic---classic! Gray and cool is my favorite weather...enjoy it for me, soggy laundry or no.

  6. Oh my - My 2 yo was in the garden today looking for 'wormies' all on her lonesome and I said to my 4 week old - please hurry and grow up so Mollyanne has a buddy to play with... your video is just too cute and I long for my firstborn to have a mate just like Ivy does.

  7. God, the things we have to do to get stuff done, huh?

    Sadly, most of the stuff we have to do to get stuff done results in YET MORE stuff to do (eg. cleaning mud off faces and hands and changing clothes). Gah!

  8. where is Ivy?? ;)


  9. Thanks fellas and yes,Christel, it's Ivy! Nicely spotted! My friend works on Inside Out Mag and asked if she could use Ivy's first birthday pic for an interiors shoot.

    And painting is always followed bu bath time, WS... I've come to terms with it now.


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