Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grasshopper Island.

We happed upon a wonderful DVD at the library last week. It's called Grasshopper Island, made in 1971, and tells the tale of three boys who run away to live on an uninhabited island. (The Island Without Grown-Ups - one of the best genres of all, I think.)

Tim Brooke Taylor plays the Voices of Authority, and the whole thing has this slightly Sergeant Pepperish, whimsical sensibility. Dead-pan Veddy Bliddish narration. Lots of Goodies-style speeded-up silly running. Costumey hats. It's really gorgeous, and now I want to hunt out the book.

So we've been acting as the boys all week: Smarty (who knows a lot), Toughy (who wants to be a soldier) and Mouse (who likes cheese.) In one episode, they map the island, so we decided to make a map. It started off just the way I had it in my head:

But these kids just cannot keep the paint on the page and off the booty.

First, hands.

Then legs. We see what you're thinking, Ted. And Ivy, I'm sure you didn't start this session wearing pink stockings.

Then faces. This is where I pulled the plug.

Ivy and I cut and pasted the map together while Teddy slept, and then we taped it above her bed, just like the real Smarty does.

I'm happy to be Toughy. At least, it's better than having to be Daddy, which is the other character imposed on me this week. Ivy misses her Dad when he's away. I do understand. But still, 'Mummy, I wish you could be Daddy for the rest of my life' is taking things a bit too far.


  1. Nah, I still think you're Smarty. (Well, up to the point where the plates of paint got set out in front of the toddlers...)

  2. You're a rocking good Mama, Mama Mogantosh! In all your disguises xx

  3. Oooh, I'm being Daddy at the moment too. And yet, I get requests like 'can you go away so that Daddy can come home?' frequently (and in the middle of the night. Harumph).

    Meanwhile, I think your offspring are adorable and would like to swap. Although I'd like to reserve the right to be 'Mouse' if we're playing Grasshoper Island. (Must hunt that down, can't go past a bit of TBT!)


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