Monday, May 10, 2010

Week O'Mamas: Anna

It's been a busy week around here, with a sick toddler needing intensive cuddle therapy. All day, with streaming nose, Teddy asks pitifully 'Hug? Hug?' He climbs the breakfast table. 'Hug?' He calls in the night. 'Hug, Mummy?' He clambers onto my lap while I'm on the toilet. 'Hug? Hug? Hug?'

How can a Mama refuse? But my back is groaning.

Mother's Day weekend coincided with a wedding in town and a complex babysitting arrangement that turned into a family brunch. Excellent fun; but busy. Busy busy.

Once again, I thanked the universe for sending me a Keith. I told him all I wanted for Mothers Day is was to STAY IN BED ALL DAY. He's messing with the sacred calendar and declaring Mogantosh Mothers Day to be next weekend.

So I get to drag this baby out as long as possible, sweet reader folks- and so do you.

This week an eclectic selection of my favourite blogstresses have agreed to share a few of their thoughts on mothers, everyday life and the Interweb. First, the glamourpussical earth-mama Anna Rummey of the funky Rummey Bears.

Happy Week O'Mama's, everybody.

Here's Anna:

When did you start blogging, and what do you use your blog for?

I started blogging in September last year. I had recently moved back to Australia after living in London for 5 years and most of my friends lived abroad. I've never been a fan of facebook so I thought it would be a more personal way to keep everyone updated with my pregnancy and our new life. I also loved reading other blogs so felt like I could be making a contribution too.

With my new little family I don't have a lot of time to pursue a lot of my creative projects, so the blog is a chance to feel like I'm still making something. I've recently started taking photos again, so having the blog gives me a push to pursue this. As well as a sense of creating, it gives me an opportunity to communicate with other like minded people, especially mothers who have been through this all before!

How do you fit writing and reading other blogs into your day?

It depends on the day! Sometimes I will start writing a post at 8am in the morning and I won't be able to finish it until midnight. Right now I'm sitting at the computer with Rosie asleep in a sling, so this is another way I get some computer time. Mostly though, it's in the evening when she's gone to bed. (Although I do a lot of blog reading on the iPhone in quiet moments throughout the day...)

Has blogging had an impact on your parenting?

Definitely. It was the Marvelous Kiddo blog that inspired me to have a home birth. I also love looking at the creative and fun things people do with their children, and it's good to hear of the tough times too, so I know I'm not alone. The mama blogging community out there is such a kind, warm and generous place, so I know if I ever need advice or just a chat I will always be supported. This is far more valuable for me than any parenting book.

Favourite mum-bloggers?

Marvelous Kiddo, Che and Fidel, Pottymouthmama, Mogantosh (hey – that's you!) Fat Mum Slim, Little Pinwheel, Two Tuesdays, Giggles Down Under, Made by Mosey, so many more...

A tale about your own Mum?

I could tell so many stories about my own mum. She went through much hardship in her life, leaving a communist country and having to start her life all over again with nothing. The most amazing thing about my mum is that she's always smiling (except of course, when she's yelling at my dad) and she can always put a smile on the face of the people around her. Her favourite story to tell is when I was little she went into a toy store to buy me a beer. The sales staff were mortified that she was trying to purchase alcohol for her 4 year old. It wasn't until mum tracked down this beer herself and pointed it out, that they realised she was after a teddy bear!


  1. great little profile, I wish I had of been bloggin when I was at home with a new baby, great way to stay in touch.

  2. Oh man, the beer killed me. That was SO funny

  3. what a lovely interview. I love mama bear, she's sweet to the core.

  4. Thanks Miss Mogantosh... I hope you lap up your additional mothers day next week.

    I've never been called glamourpussical, I'm not sure what it mean but I likey!

    Wishing you a very happy Mothers Day(s). xx

  5. I think that Mama Bear has the ability to make everyone smile as well, her Mama has taught her well.


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