Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week O'Mama's: Cath

The K-Dog is on his way home from Canberra, and I'm so happy.

It's been a long few days of solo-parenting. Ivy has a new habit of collecting all her twenty or so 'friends' into plastic bags and pillow-cases, and then hiding them away in strange places. Come bedtime, she NEEDS them desperately and I must channel her surreal imagination to find Eepy, Little Go-Go, Spot and her other weird security objects: swimming goggles, a bird-hooter...

After pre-school she fizzes with all the nervous energy she can't process. Ted is so happy to see her he follows her from room to room shouting 'Ay-Ay! Ay-Ay!' But, in his toddler way, he ruins all her games, and she struggles. (Damn those don't-hit-your-brother rules!) I must try and talk her down, with twenty minutes of soothing-mama-tones, before she can sleep.

My tanks are empty. Stick a fork in me, as the actress said to the Bishop. I'm done.

Today's Mama is the kind, enthusiastic and community-minded Cath from chunkychooky; social worker, wife and Mum to an energetic, eccentric toddler (I don't relate to this at all.) She crafts lovely bits of business from upcycled fabrics and sells them at her Etsy shop. Her blog is always interesting and often unexpected.

Here's Cath:

When did you start blogging, and why do you do it?

I started blogging just over a year ago now. Originally I thought it would be a great way to promote my etsy shop but I quickly realised I actually had a lot to write about it. I do it now because I love to feel part of the online crafty mammas network- I have "met" some amazing crafty women who I really feel I have a lot in common with. I love the swapping and the sharing and the sense of community, the support, sharing the ups and the downs, the giving and receiving of ittle presents... it is exactly how I am and I feel like I have found others so like minded- being nice for nice sake.

How do you structure life around working, parenting and sewing? Any tips on managing the juggle?

I would say really badly. We recently went away for a week, no computers or phones and it was great. I realised that I was concentrating so much on not neglecting my 3 year old that I was possibly neglecting my partner... so mothering and wifeing need to be as important to each other. I am also not spending as much time just surfing the net. I get on read some blogs, reply to emails then get off again. We both work part time and we both have a day at home to do our own thing- this is when I do the majority of my sewing. I also do some of the stuff you can do on the lounge- sewing faces onto my rattles etc on the couch after Busy is in bed, so I can hangout with Chef. I am not one for idle hands so I am always crocheting or doing something...I also made a committment to not be on the computer when Busy was unoccupied, to not park her in front of the TV for hours so I can be on the computer.She is pretty good at amusing herself. Only recently I started making sure I have at least half an hour a day of complete attention on her, of actually sitting down and playing something with her, rather than a 10 minutes here or there.

Has blogging impacted on your parenting?

Blogging has impacted on my parenting in a good way, like I said I feel connected to a community and that makes me happy and in turns makes our family happy...when I was having trouble with Busys sleep I blogged about it and the level of support I felt was quite overwelming, people offering to lend me books, writing long comments on the post, it was huge for me and so appreciated.

Favourite mum-bloggers?

Mama Mogantosh makes me cackle out loud- esp at Ivys antics- HILARIOUS!!

Leonie from raglanguld- so generous and positive and upbeat.

Tania from Myrtle and Eunice- hilarious and amazing creations and photography.

Nikki- My Black cardigan- she has twins and finds time to make the most awesome stuff for them.

Meg- the byron life- beautiful photos and lovely ideas about life - plus lives rurally in a community similar to mine...

Lexi- potty mouth mamma funny! talks about the good and the bad with her kids- so honest and great. so many more- I could go on all day....

A tale about your own Mum?

I grew up in a house where we were very wanted and loved and mum ( and dad) spent a lot of time playing with us and taking us to do things, picnics on weekends, board games, holidays to the beach and seaworld, mum was often crafting and was invloved in the school, Brownies etc when we were kids. She was always making things for the school fete or some other cause. She encouraged our craftiness and my love of "making things" , and for that I thank her.

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  1. Your mum sounds delightful (and oh, so similar to mine). I absolutely love the photograph of you and Busy! Gorgeous! I really don't know how you fit it all in!


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