Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week O' Mama's: Wendy

How's the Week O'Mama's going for all of you? My weeks have come easier than this one, but all's well when lovely neighbours step in with kiddie dinners and party baths, and now all is calm. Ted is crashed out clutching the guitar he wouldn't relinquish before bed, and Ivy has stopped calling out for biscuits/milk/just one more kiss on the nose.

Today's Mama is Wendy, who writes over at littlegreenbums. She's funny,crafty and clever; and while I scramble to get a Vegemite and cheese sandwich in the bag before pre-school, she's building a chicken coop and raising six kids.


Here's Wendy:

Where do you write from?

Nine times out of ten, I blog at the dining room table; smack in the center of all of the action. Which means that usually I've got a short person "helping" me in some way--- whether it's pulling my photo card out of the reader to see how it tastes, "guest blogging" while some crisis or another has diverted my attention, or perching on the arm of my chair giving much-needed editorial advice. (This should explain the somewhat sporadic nature of my posts. It's tricky to 'find your voice' when you can't hear it.)

When did you start blogging, and what does purpose does your blog serve in your life?

I started my blog in November of '08, but gave up on it after my first post. A year later, after our move to Des Moines, I started blogging again during a (blessedly rare) bout of insomnia. littlegreenbums is an outlet for me--few of my nearest and dearest relish a 2 AM phone call to update them on the progress of the chicken coop, or my newfound craft-obsession du jour. But there are chicken-folk and craft-folk out there in blogland who actually care (enough to comment)!

How do you fit it in around all those kids? Can you paint us a picture of life with six small people?

Yeah, I think Salvador Dali already painted that picture. (Or maybe it was Jackson Pollack?) It's always something of a circus chez nous---three rings of unmitigated chaos running day and night. I'm lucky that my bigger people help out with the littles as much as they do. We're a freewheeling bunch, and we do a lot of improv---the Fake it Till You Make It approach to family living.

Has blogging impacted on your parenting?

In a way, I guess it has: since I've begun littlegreenbums, everything's become potential blog-fodder. When Chevi cut her own bangs, it didn't rate as a particularly blog-worthy event. When she gave her not-quite-two-year-old sister the same treatment, announcing, "I cut Shani's bangs, Mommy, but don't worry---they look so much shorter than mine," I knew had something to write about. It's been hugely helpful to find other bloggers out there facing the same issues I do; it keeps things in perspective in my head, which no doubt benefits my crew.

Favourite mum-bloggers?

Without sounding too much like an abject panderer, mogantosh is my first read of the day.

A tale about your own Mum?

Not so much a tale as a memory...when I was about 9 years old, my mom and I each had a miserable case of strep throat. We spent our confinement under the covers, watching old black and white movies on TV, and I remember marveling at my good luck...

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  1. I am glad you ask the question, "What purpose does your blog serve in your life." I not sure why, but I am surprised to see so many different answers.


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