Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stormy Weather

There's a big fat storm heading our way, says the Bureau of Metereology. No sign of the action yet (but we've cancelled the midnight toddler rock-fishing lessons.) The swell was
big, though.

'Quick trip down to check out the surf?' suggested Keith.

Ten minutes later, in the car, I said 'I see you're not looking me in the eye, Husband.'

Some time later, we established that men all over the land were probably having the same uncharitable feelings towards their wives, who turned a quick dash down the road into just-let-me-get-the-kids-a-sandwich-have-you-got-a-nappy-bag-ooh-I-might-grab-a-coffee-on-the-way-give-me-five-secs-for-a-wee sort of adventure.

He suggested a homosexual relationship might save him some of this angst. I wondered whether he might change his tune when he got the flu.

A sweet Sunday afternoon.

(This photo makes me laugh.I don't know what Ted is doing in the background, but it's naughty.)


  1. Oh my - you made coffee come out my nose. Note to self: don't read Mogantosh whilst parktaking of beverages..

  2. See, this is why I am single. I'm the queen of oh can we...? Just hold on one moment while...

    Very much love the last photo.

  3. We were meant to get a storm last night, but it didn't eventuate. I'm still a little annoyed, I like storms!

    Love the photos, it makes me wish we lived nearer to a beach.

  4. Ha! I TOLD you not to drink and read Mogantosh, Liesl...

    Rachael, love the photo of you and the kidlets.

  5. Exactly the same over here. Only Chris starts getting angry which makes me nervous and even slower to get out of the house!

    Although I was a good wifey yesterday. I knew the surf was big so when he came home I was all packed up ready to go! (Except I did have to pee about 5 times before we left...)

    Cute pics too!

  6. I hope you are all ok! storm was nasty please check in for reassurnce. xx


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