Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sedative Biscuit Effect

For some time now, my key parenting technique has involved the judicious distribution or withdrawal of Milk Arrowroot Biscuits. But recently I found that this tasty old-fashioned treat has a secret, under-unadvertised, magical quality.

It can put children to sleep.

When Ivy is kicking up at being put to bed at lunchtime, she comes up with many ploys to avoid having her rest. But if I give her an Arrowroot biscuit, within minutes she's fast asleep.

So far, this method has never failed.

To strengthen the scientific validity of my experiment I upped the sample size to two and testied the Sedative Biscuit Effect (SBE) on Teddy last night. The results, as they say, were replicated.


  1. Wow, that is an amazing revelation! This is something I must try...

  2. Goodness. Off to the shops now to stock up...!

  3. Wow! Exact same thing works for me. my little guy can be throwing a huge paddy refusing to have a daytime sleep even though he is obviously needing one screaming and kicking the door blah blah blah and bam - hand him a bikky to ahem 'shush him up' and yep - 5 mins later . Snoozeville

    I think we are on to something!

  4. This post combines three of my favourite things: kiddies, science and biscuits.
    Youse are tops.

  5. This is news to me! Must give it a go.
    BTW: Loved your week o' mamas. Lovely, lovely.

  6. Hahaha i am off to eat some right now. Hopefully it works on me too.
    You are just wonderful with your refreshing

  7. A lot of milk arrowroot biscuits get consumed round here too. They don't seem to have the sedative effect though - must be all in the timing. Might give them a go before a pre-sleep meltdown and test your theory!


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