Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Energy Efficiency

Man, running after little people takes a lot of juice. I'm feeling low-on this week. My back is giving me all kinds of complaints. Anybody heard of a 'psoas muscle?' This is my new pain -part hip, part belly. All fun! I've talked here before about pain. It's a bit of an unwanted house-guest here at the Ranch. This week it's overstaying again.

The problem with having down days is the energy-suck. Housework doesn't matter. Nobody cares if we eat sandwiches for dinner. But the main mama-job is keeping the happy happening, and pain messes with that. Kids are so sensitive, and they require a lot of present, energetic Mama-time.

It's hard this week.

A new Dan Zanes CD is easing the pain a little:

Also helping to raise my mood: Ivy's habit of sneaking off to my room to put on my glasses and pretend to read novels. She looks shame-faced when caught, but she should really look afraid- it just makes me want to eat her for dinner.

Big love out today to Uncle Adrian who broke his arm on the weekend. Ivy and Teddy say 'Get well soon, Arwhal.'

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  1. Psoas muscle strain is relatively common in Mum's especially those who tote kids around all day. Hope you're on the mend quickly!


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