Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Winter Woolies Washout

Baby, Air Supply said it first: the nights are chilly but the days are warm. The season of hot-water-bottles is upon us, and conditions are perfect for dragging out the crates of winter wooly wear.

When you're at home with small kids life is a constant battle between entertaining them and doing the countless jobs that keep them alive, warm, and free of infestation. When you choose one, you neglect the other, and juggling that balance can be a real bastard.

Sometimes you can combine the two, and that was my big plan today. Fill the clam-shells with lovely soapy water, stomp around together, get my crazed boy-child outside to burn off some of the energy jolting his equilibrium.

Make Some Memories.

Get Stuff Done!

Like most of my big ideas it didn't come off exactly as I had hoped.

To be honest, if I lived the pleasure-seeking, hedonistic life of the pre-schooler and I was presented with a warm bath full of soft jumpers, out in the thin wintry sunshine, I would just lie back and go Zen too.

Meanwhile, I stomped around my reclining nudists, who just ordered 'More water, Mumma! It's getting cold!' I staggered with wet armloads back and forth to the laundry to rinse and hang. Teddy fell over, wept, and cried harder when I gently refused to comfort him with tomato sauce.

Ivy got cold and grumpy.

I cursed my inability to pass a CWA stand full of nanna-knits without buying at least one jumper. But the deck is strewn with drying woolies, and I'm planning an easier day tomorrow, when Ivy's off to pre-school and it's just me and T-Bone.


  1. Cute. Cute. Cute. I would like to be reclining in all that warm wool too.

    Read this:

    You won't be sorry sister!

  2. You really are a genius!


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