Friday, April 9, 2010

Through The Eyes of Daddy

I’m catching snatches of a bedtime story Keith is telling Ivy on the couch. It’s about Ivy on an adventure with Mary Poppins (whom Keith always calls Ms.Poppins).

So in this chapter, Keith has Mummy going for an interview at a local paper. An high-minded editor is interviewing me while Ivy and Ms Poppins make faces at me from the window.

This is what I just caught:

‘Finally Mummy burst out laughing and had to tell the serious man: ‘Look, I’m sorry, but sometimes I really do act like a fool, not quite on purpose, but I can't quite help myself, and sometimes people think that makes my writing quite funny.’ And then the editor said ‘Well, we’ll give you a week’s trial.’ And then Mummy ran out to the car and she laughed at Ivy’s silly faces so much that she wet her pants a little bit.’


  1. Perfect segue for a Tena ad??

    Funny. I love how littlies hang off every word, Noah always makes me tell him stories. So far we have a crab in a garbage truck.

  2. Those two should write a book!


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