Friday, April 23, 2010

Raw Chicken + Pre-schoolers = Good Times!

This week's cooking lesson involved chicken schnitzel. Funny, I feel my photos are always from this same perspective - the kitchen counter. My office. My two little buddies are always perched on these stools, or falling off them, or using them as a stepping-stone to climb closer to the sugar jar.

We made breadcrumbs using the heel of yesterdays loaf, some chives, salt and olive oil, and Ivy gleefully pressed the buttons on the food processor. I'm teaching her to answer my every question in the kitchen with 'YES CHEF!'

Hammering with a steel mallet was the good part.

Trying to keep Teddy out of the raw egg and breadcrumb mix was less successful. (It's true I could have put down the camera and supervised more closely but since I was essentially using raw chicken as a craft material I think we can accept my poor mothering in this instance and move on.)

Finished product! And most importantly, all eaten, which doesn't always happen with Ivy. Ted will eat anything, as long as you answer his pleas for 'me more soss! me more soss!'

Happy long weekend, everybody. Hope it's full of fun with raw chicken.


  1. This is a cracking idea for small chefs. I might get Noah to have a crack at this. But Scouty...? Well she will prob have a bite of the raw chicken. EEK!

    love your two - look at those faces. SWEEEEET!

  2. Yea! This is AWESOME. Hooray for raw chicken. A stellar way to start the long weekend.

    Chris used to make apprentices in the kitchen answer like that to him. Except I think he may have had a french spin on it... OUI CHEF!

    PS. It was my long arm that took the photo.

  3. Oh yeah. We are so doing this!


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