Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Being Shamed At The Organic Food Co-Op

Yesterday, in amongst the edamame pods and the cruelty-free soy toothpaste and the eggs that had been gently coaxed, with chants of gratitude, from the cloacas of emotionally centred chickens, Ivy made this announcement:

"WhenI turn four I am going to have a television party and the cake will be a television and everybody can dress like a television and at my party we will just watch television. So much television.'

But where are they? Are they warm?

I can't stop cleaning out drawers and pacing. I'm going to have a bath now and read about life on an olive farm in Provence, and try not to think about lions, and tigers, and bears.

Oh my.


  1. hee, hee

    I just read your last post, crashed the computer & restarted to find this post....I'm sure they are doing fine.

    That's the role of dad' do all that stuff us Mum's would never normally do.

    I'm sure they will come back with many adventurous tales, and who knows she may end up wanting a canoe party (although she'll make that announcement while passing through Harvey Norman!)

  2. Awesome. Sounds like a party I want in on. As long as we can watch Masterchef and Little House on The Prairie. Count me in Ivy!

  3. Laughed so hard, I had to explain the joy that is Ivy to DrMr (we'd talked earlier about you guys, when I was telling him about the father-daughter camping trip and how happy that sort of thing makes me). So I had to scroll back and read more of her quotes to him. I am still laughing. Time for bed.

  4. Ivy will arrive home knackered with a head full of adventure and bigger and better televisual party plans (which she'll hold off filling you in on until next you're at the organic food co-op). You'll see! (sit tight mama)...

  5. That is the singularly most wonderful thing I have read this morning and probably this week.

    New to your blog, and off to a rip-roaring start.

  6. Bewdiful! And maybe one of the games could be Coalcliff Idol where Ivy gets to vote them off one by one :)

    By the way, I LOVE eating edamame in Japanese restaurants and cannot find them in any mainstream supermarkets on the northern beaches. Are they so very 'alternative'? Any clues? Ta x

  7. LOVE IT!!!!
    Mine wants a Bratz and Barbie party.
    We can only guide them gently in the right direction. X

  8. Ouch. They have kind of a sixth sense about the absolute worst thing they could possibly say and the most "effective" place they could possibly say it...sure she'll be back in no time, ready to mortify you in a slew of new and exciting places.

  9. Don't worry - at least she isn't the eco-police like my daughter, who regularly tells people getting out of theirs cars that "they've made the air go YUKKY!"

    And then I scamper with a very red face!

  10. Ok, now I'M getting worried. Please tell me she's home and safe? :) xxx Tor

  11. Chef has been talking about the father daughter camping adventure- I am ALL for it!!! A weekend at home with the only sounds the sewing machine and birds.


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