Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space

Sewing for me holds the thousand joys and the thousand sorrows of the old Korean proverb.

My bathmat from last week is finished and in high rotation - it makes me very proud to have a finished project, and one with flannel on the feet is an extra bonus as the weather turns cool.

So then I started working on a 'budget system' wallet; the pattern for which I bought through the clever peoples at wienerdogtricks.

I like to think of it as a marital aid.

Folks, I measured, and pinned, and did all sorts of other bits of business that go against my essential nature. Here are my little pockets, all sewn up, labelled, and ready to roll.

My proudest moment- my thousand joys- was when I attached the zipper foot to the sewing machine and sewed on a zipper. Oh, wonder of wonders! I was so het up I could have used a cold hose-down.

But my sewing high ended, as sewing high must, when I realised I had sewn the zipper on inside out. In-fricken-side-farkin-out. I poked at it a bit and the tooth bit flew off and dropped on my foot.

Here's my wallet, looking oh-so-nearly-finished.

And here's the gaping zipper hole, laughing at me with it's evil, metallic grin.

I'm over for today. Pre-school pickup beckons, and then all the housework left neglected while I experinced the emotional roller-coaster of a quiet afternoons sewing.

Better creative spaces over here.


  1. The wallet is looking fantastic so far! :)

  2. The old inside out zipper trick, eh? You could think of it as the universe telling you not to save!

  3. Don't lose heart! Don't lost heart! I have sewn a zipper on upside down approximately 632 times. Recently I sewed it upside down, ripped it out, re-sewed it . . . upside down, ripped it out and then re-seed it again. The last time it worked, which was positive since I was about to stab myself in the eye with a fork.

    Sewing a zipper on upside down just puts your firmly in the company of people who sew. You are on a road, Grasshopper! Stay the course!

    And good work--can't wait to see the final product. :)

  4. This is my ev-er-y sewing endeavor... excepting mine look bad, and this looks good. And normally I end up bleeding.

    besos xxx


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