Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm joining in with Kirsty's Creative Space project this week.

This picture's terrible, but I'm making a bathmat from one of Amanda Soule's patterns in Handmade Home, using a vintage towel and a stripey flannel sheet. You sew towel strips on the top, with flannal in the middle and a big strip of towel for the back.

Quick-drying, and soft on tiny toes.

Fiddly, but fun. Lots of satisfying long, straight lines.

Youcan see more creatiev spaces over here.


  1. Looking awesome and very thrifty! I've been meaning to make one of those since I got the book. Thanks for the inspiration spur.

  2. Brave girl. (Straight lines make me nervous.) The tiny toes will thank you for your valor, no doubt...
    Make sure to post pics when you're through!


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