Sunday, March 7, 2010

Second Honeymoon

Keith and I are just back from a lightning trip down the coast in my parents' campervan. We swapped our children for their vehicle, and left the building alone - our first overnighter since Ivy was born three years ago.

We waved goodbye to our little and big beloved ones. ...

Slapped on our travelling hats...

And hit the goddamn road!

Eagles on the stereo, crossword in hand and a ribbon of coast road unravelling before us, we cruised all the way to Milton, where we visited our favourite antique store, Revival, and found our wedding present, a gorgeous deco chandelier. It needs a little fixing, so isn't ready yet, but it was an exciting, romantic find.

We stopped at Funland ( otherwise known as high-fructose fattys paradise).

There was air hockey, Sega Ralley, drumming contests and other carnival fun. Keith won the day, despite appearing as though he was perhaps missing the central point of the Dance Dance Revolution machine.

We set up camp at out favourite spot in Meroo National Park...

and settled in for a whole evening and morning of fun. There were olives, there was wine, there was chocolate, there were skinny-dips, and there were two guitars. Yes, we played badly, and got worse, but we totally had one sweet moment during 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' in which Mark Holden would have said we were 'in the pocket.' During '9-5' Keith rocked out and I played the sticks while doing a sort of corroberree -style fire dance.

Here's my happy-camper face.

And here's Keith's cool face.

And finally, here he is again, looking just a little bit relaxed.

This morning we read in the back of the van, cooked bacon and eggs, talked about life and missed the kids. We drove home, via coffee, vege burgers and farm-shop eggs and honey, to find our babies happily watching The Sound Of Music with Nanna and Pop.

It's a charmed life, to be sure, and I feel very lucky: happy to leave, and so happy to come home again. Perhaps even more so because people we love are going through some heartbreaking times right now. I am counting my blessings - in particular, my three beloveds-and I am filled with gratitude for them.


  1. It sounds blissful and lovely.

  2. Oh stop it you two. STOP IT! Nearly made me cry with happiness. We need to do something like this.

    I love that you had this stolen time together. It's so important, isn't it? And you've just reminded me of this very point.


  3. awwww....

    Borrowing my friends so-cal twang you guys! You're just too cute!

  4. On the one hand, I am totally thrilled and happy that you two got away and enjoyed yourselves, but on the other I am totally out-of-my-head jealous that you two got away and enjoyed yourselves.

    I hope you came back happy and rested and relaxed!

  5. Little bit gutted there's no recording of your 'in the pocket' time on a jet plane-

    Hoping there are many many more honeymoon sequels in the future to live vicariously through-

  6. I feel like hugging everyone now.

    Welcome back, Mogantoshes, and welcome back Mr Camera!

  7. nice to see your camera is back in action . i can feel the happiness through your beautiful smile. gros bisous a tous les 4. xc

  8. Bloody marvelous!!! How brillinat. am very envious indeed.

  9. Thanks fellas. You're totally supportive of all my nobbiness and for that I love you. But Shell, Ms Camera (did you learn nothing in Womens Studies 1992?) is still in the electronics hospital. Borrowed Mums. I miss the camera!


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