Monday, March 29, 2010

On Marriage

Like most couples, Keith and I spend a lot of time behaving like fools.

This morning we were getting dressed. I asked Keith 'Do you wish I behaved more like this?' as I took off my t-shirt and hurled it across the room in a violently sexy manner.

'Yes, ' he answered thoughtfully, and then picked it up.' So is this for the wash?'


  1. Classic! We love a bit of foolishness too. our relationship is all about trying to get the other person to laugh. Its the secret to a happy marriage.

  2. Ha!! Funny. I like reading about relationships, we don't often hear much in blogland. Good to see you guys having fun together xo

  3. He thinks about the washing?? Dont ever let go of that man!!

  4. Funny. Love the romance.

    Hey I tagged you. Why don't you play lady?

  5. Brusselsprouts, no, no, back away from that false picture of the Doctor. His gag about the washing was all comedy .He would absolutely have made his joke and then put the shirt back in the corner.

  6. Hee! Sounds like a great marriage, you know, with humour and friendship - and wild 'whip off that t-shirt girl' sex. Or at least TALKING about 'wwottg' sex. And the laundry. Sexy domesticity. Ummmm.


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