Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh, my baking yak... with new, improved trauma.

I'm less than 100% happy. My back went out on Friday night; spasming, muscle by muscle, until it locked me forwards like a snail. Luckily Keith was home to painkiller and pat and help me off the floor. I'm on the osteo's cancellation list and I'm much recovered, but feeling a bit fragile. Random body-breakages make me very nervous.

Must start looking after body better. Back to bed now, but first, a much-needed happiness injection:

Now, Keith is soaking in a bicarb bath - he's infested with grass ticks and covered in welts. It's what you get for rolling down hills with preschoolers. All we need now is an ear infection... and a tiny violin, covered with calamine lotion and infused with paracetemol.

Woe is Mogantosh.


  1. That sucks dude! I once met a ortho who became an OB and he used to prescribe 400mg of ibuprofen with 50 - 100mg of paracetamol twice to three times a day for any type of back pain (except labour because, well, that would be bad). It works. It really does. I don't know why... well actually I do, but this comment is already long enough.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Dude that is so not cool. Look after yourself toots, I hope you're feeling much better real soon - and I hope you get one of those highly sought after appointments. NO GOOD! x

  3. Thanks you guys, I have an appt for this afternoon with the osteo. Tuesdays, that's a nifty plan there and when I read it I remembered another friend telling me a similar trick. Will try it next time.


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