Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Mouths Of Babes

At the fruit and veg shop this morning, a man with dwarfism stood in line behind Ivy.

'Hello, ' he said politely. She surveyed him through narrowed eyes and then asked 'Why are you that big?'

'Because I didn't eat my veges, ' he said.

We've been having such a fun couple of days, me and my little buddies. Lots of sleeping, and reading, and hardly any tantrums. Today I watched them as they sat on the rug, Ivy building a tower and Ted laughing to himself as he read Hairy McLary, and I had a little explosion of happiness. (I didn't have to mop or anything.)

When things are good, you have to stop and appreciate them, I think. Celebrate the happy, or be damned. At the minute, every time I sing or dance for Teddy, he claps with wild enthusiam and shouts 'Again!' Ivy will stay in bed quietly at lunchtime for at least half an hour, even though she doesn't sleep, if I promise she can stay up for ten minutes at night to play 'Thinking Skills.'

Parenting goes in phases. It could all be over tomorrow, but right now, this season - it's lovely.

Plus, it's a wonderful world when someone in it takes the time to imagine how Mr Bean might look as a woman:

or the Pope:

Or Lara Croft.


  1. What a great response! I wonder if Ivy will remember?

    I totally agree that you need to savour the good moments. I'm glad you reminded me because too often I can be guilty of taking them for granted.

    What is thinking skills?

    I have a funny for you; we've been doing pictures and making stuff for sick relos and popping over to visit. That way they get a splash of Little Tuesday and the few gifts we've made for them to brighten their day. Today Little T says to one elderly uncle,'Here, I drew your a picture of your armpit. It stinks a bit but I don't know how to draw that'.

    Thankfully he's a bit deaf and she speaks two year old so I'm not too sure how much he got. I found it very hard to contain the giggles.

  2. Oh yeah such a great post. As fast as it is hard, it is beautiful again. I loved these words. As for your pics...hehehe. Man i would have that stomach.


  3. Hey lovely,

    Are you able to send me an email so I can let you know the details for the Sweet Art Project?

    Thanks. xx

  4. Stellar response by the man at the vege shop!

    Glad to hear you're in a lovely happy phase with the littlies, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy xxx

  5. Someone's sprayed Happy Kids around here, too. There are unsolicited kisses and cuddles and head-pats!
    Also, I told Stocko I'd be working tonight (partly to avoid sitting through another WWII doco), and I was trying so hard to cover up the fact that I was giggling at Mr Bean pictures that stuff came out of my eyes.

  6. Tuesday, that is GOLD. Thinking Skills is a book I picked up at the supermarket,and Ivy is obesessed with it.(nerd in teh making, without a doubt.) I'll post on it sometime.

  7. Visiting from Towards Sustainability, thanks for the laugh, anyone that can provide a giggle AND Mr. Bean pics is worth a follow! Cheers.

  8. Ahahah, I laughed out loud at the dwarf in the vege shop. Brilliant.

    I agree, you have to enjoy the good moments. Savour them, for times when they bad.



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