Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mogantosh Book Club.

We're all about books at this house, and we roll old school. No Kindles here. Keith, husband supreme, is rising bravely above his dust-mite allergy to construct his room-wide bookshelf, a work in progress, shaped like a breaking wave.

My parenting is going to be all about books too. I've got this plan. When the kiddos seem of an age to get their thinking caps on, I'm going to start the family book club. No bookshelves off limits. No spine too fine, no novel too grovel, no paperback too wickety-wack.

We're going to read, report on and discuss books.They can pick some, Keith can pick some, and I'll pick some. On my list: the Bible. The Koran. Puberty Blues. Little Women. Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. Reefer Madness. The Female Eunuch. The Beauty Myth.

(I might have to ease in just a little, but I'm really not planning on holding off too long on the hard stuff.)

Keith and I both agree that reading is a important and wonderful part of our lives. I've always loved to read and I go through about 5 books a week. Lots of my favourites I leave to marinade for a few years and then go back and have another go, in an endless loop. (Similar to Keith's approach to his wardrobe.) For me and the K-Dog, happiness is curling up in bed, feet entwined, deep in some (for me) historical biography or moved-to-france-to-renovate-a-castle-and-gosh-found-love memoir and (for Keith) dense philosophy, English lit classic or incomprehensible photovoltaics magazine. Ivy has always loved books and that Ted, he'll eat anything.

I really wish for the kids to see, through reading, how many ways to be in the world there are, so they can find their own happiest place; their best self.

Discover other lives, I want to urge them. Explore different values, other cultures. Seek to understand the differnt choices people make.See which struggles are universal, and which ones are unique. Then reflect on how that fits with your own ideas. Stretch your opinions. Question everything. Be adventurous!

(You know, from your comfy chair, with a nice hot Milo. Do you need a cardigan? It's quite late. )

I'm unsure about lots of aspects of my parenting. It's hard to be confident. But books: books I can help them with. And book club, I think, is going to be a blast.


  1. I love your book club. I want to join. I love 'Are you there God, it's me Margaret' GOLD. Those photos - they are even Golder.

  2. Me too, well plus me makes three. Perhaps even an online. inter/intra familial book club, potty mouth sounds like fun. We are fans of Dr. Seuss and 'the little yellow digger' at the moment.

    Love ya'll Mogantosh Clan

  3. Little Tuesday had her biggest ever tanty upon noticing that the library wasn't open on Sundays. But I want booooooksssss; she screeched whilst doing the usual landed swim movements.

    Must say I've never had a prouder moment.

    Loving the reading in the clam shell!

  4. Nice one.

    We're avid readers over here too, and I guess it's all paying off because yesterday Mr 4.5 picked up a book he'd never seen before at preschool and read it to the teacher. She was mighty impressed - and me too.

  5. Ah, we love books here too. Go the book club, long live the printed word.
    Such a great idea. Good on you.

    We don't actually own a TV. I'm wondering how long we'll be able to hold off before Rosie Bear realises she's the only kid without the box in her house, and concludes her parents are weirdo hippie freaks. (Which we're not, really).


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