Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiring Me Today.

I love Chaz Bono, Cher's child, who has become something of an accidental poster child for the transgender community. I find him articulate, intelligent and charismatic. He's a significant way through his female-to-male gender re-assignment,and here (thanks to Mama Mia for the link) he talks about it.

This beautiful poem on marriage gave me the serious warms and fuzzwahs.Thanks to gourmet glamourpuss Tori.

Let us be guests in one another's house
With deferential "no" and courteous "yes";
Let us take care to hide our foolish moods
Behind a certain show of cheerfulness.

Let us avoid all sullen silences;
We should find fresh and sprightly things to say;
I must be fearful lest you find me dull,
And you must dread to bore me anyway.

Let us knock gently at each other's heart,
Glad of a chance to look within–and yet,
Let us remember that to force one's way
Is the unpardoned breach of etiquette.

So, shall I be host–you, the hostess,
Until all need for entertainment ends;
We shall be lovers when the last door shuts
But what is better still–we shall be friends.

And finally, this snippet from the book 'French Women For All Seasons' by Mireille Guiliano, on the French word for happiness: bonheur:

French women know happiness is not a matter of luck; it's what you make of your life. This word for happiness is literally 'good time'. The French way of cultivating feeling with time is telling. It suggests something to be cultivated in the course of our hours and days and months and years, how we live in relation to them. The English word 'happy' comes form the archaic word 'hap',which means "luck". Interesting distinction.


  1. I love the thought that happiness isn't just a stroke of luck...
    Beautiful post

  2. I think Chaz Bono definitely has a French take on happiness. He is to be admired.


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