Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Glimpse Into The March Morning Musings Of A Three-Year Old (Where You Will Not Find A Self-Esteem Problem.)

Car conversation:

'Mum, if all these cars crashed very very slowly the people would not be hurt and then I could run very very fast down the road in my pink shoes.'

Pretend phone call (yes, pen always at hand, I took notes.)

'Hello Ruby. You sound happy. You are happy! You are doing things that make you happy. I will talk to you for twenty minutes. You're sad again. You're happy! You're going to be at the house where your mother is there. She will be playing hide and seek and do it lots of times until the mother says 'no, you can't'. Sorry, I have to go now.'

Song to the refection in the mirror, at top volume:

'You love me! You love me! You love me! You love me!'


  1. Three year olds are a little bit awesome. She sounds like Amy, only Amy's conversations are always with her Nanny.

    'Hi Nanny, you will come get me now? And we will feed your pigs? And chooks? And eat fruit? Yes. We will go in your car now. Okay, bye bye, I love you!'

    Obviously our house with no chooks or pigs is boring.

  2. She's going to rule the world that kid. And, I for one, can't wait.

  3. I love Ivy.

    Mitchell's last pretend conversation went like this: "Hello Nan. Yes. Now. There's a fire outside. Ok, bye!"

    He made me look.

  4. Busy has just kind of entered this incredible era of chat chat chatting and making up stories... I love it.
    She sings all teh time to herslef and makes us sing with her. I just love this age. it is so funny.

    Ivy. Is. Hilarious.

  5. My 4yo loves to have a chat on his invisible phone (sometimes he will use a banana as a prop) - and on the other end it's always his Nan.

  6. I LOVE this age! My 3-year-old talks to himself constantly. Yesterday's funniest moment: "Bust my boilers! NOBODY talks to me like that!" (courtesy of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Hero Of The Rails movie).

  7. What a delight! This post has made me laugh out loud...x


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