Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am never short of company these days, and a snappy conversation about the Wiggles is always in the offing, but sometimes, I remember being a girl-about-town, with a handbag that didn't contain nappies and snack packs and wet washers, and outfits that I had put together with leisurely enthusiasm, and nobody knowing where I was or needing me to be anywhere and calling Lucy and the girls and maybe Raj to see who was around to meet me at Leichardt to look at books and then see something French at The Palace and sit around Bar Italia for hours laughing about nothing and everything.

(photo from The Sartorialist via Cup of Jo)


  1. Leisurely enthusiasm.....ahh those were the days! I'm feeling dressed up if I manage to leave the house with

    a) no spew or smeared food on my clothing

    b) my sunglasses (to hide the abgs from lack of sleep)

    c) a hairband to hide the birds nest.

  2. You just described 1999-2003 for me. Ahh Bar Italia, still good , still the best gelato outside of Italy, still the best coffee... and The Satoralist is one of my fave blogs - the phots are always so beautiful but i just love seeing what every day people were.

  3. Oh yeah, those were the days. But we wouldn't give up what we've got now for anything right?! X

  4. Bar Italia is like a cus to my ear! What I would give for a lazy night in the courtyard...

  5. Oh, blimey. I hadn't thought about Bar Italia for a forever. Hold on a tick, just dealing with a bucketload of another life catching up with me...

  6. I favourited that pic too, I love her socks particularly, but the whole outfit just sings, right?

    Man. YOu make me want to weep. I need some serious me minutes.

  7. How wild that a shared Bar Italia thread runs through all these blogging friendships. How wild and how wooly and how wonderful.


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