Friday, February 26, 2010

What's the Cultural Identity of the Mogantosh Family?

I just had to answer this question in a form for Ivy's pre-school. It might have been easier if we were Greek-Australian, or Wiccan, or Orthodox Jedi.

I thought for a while and in the end I wrote Anglo-Saxon atheist bourgeois-bohemian bogans.

She'll make her own way, I know, but I hope she'll never forget her roots.


  1. Love the bourgeois-bohemian bogan bit. Hilarious! I've heard the term bobo, but you're onto a new one there. The bobobo!

  2. I'd be far too proud to stray far from such illustrious roots.

  3. I am guffawing as I type. What a royal hoot! I'm totally using the Orthodox Jedi one if anyone asks me!


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