Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toddler Pants from a T-Shirt

Teddy wears cloth nappies. He has a big bum. He needs pants. Using this video tutorial from the excellent website RookieMoms, I made him some from an old t-shirt of Keith's. Actually, I buggered up the steps a little bit, and checking out their sources, I might go with this tutorial from redcurrant next time.

This old Nelson Mandela shirt is super soft. I tried to feature the text but my brain doesn't work that way. It's upside down.

Still, they are very light and great for summer, and even though I did a bodgy job, I think I know where I went wrong. Am I causing pain to you good and decent seamstresses out there with my loose threads and my twisted elastic? Does it help you to know that I am a little bit ashamed? A little ashamed. BUT a little proud, too. ..cause I made them - as Ivy would say - all by my own.


  1. They are awesome! Clap clap clapping! As my little would say, good joooobbb clever girl!

  2. What are you talking about - these are great. And despite the fact that they are upside down for you and me, Teddy can just glance down and see those key words. AWESOME!

  3. I heard a story on this this morn and thought of your fabbo pants for Teddy...
    Do you time this crafty-ness as a tribute?
    And they do not cause any pain whatsoever - the 'bodgy' is all part of the charm of the homemade. Even very experienced quilters include mistakes in their masterpieces!

  4. they are great rach! and isabelle would have said "good girl mummy"

  5. How cool?! Congratulations, they're awesome... I would be proud too!

  6. Thanks, sweet sewing supporters. My to-do pile by the sewing machine is growing but I'm afraid Feb will be over before I manage any more and I will be forced to move onto the next project. Hoist by my own petard.


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