Friday, February 26, 2010

Style Envy

I won the most adorable dress by Brusselsprouts for Ivy in a giveaway a little while ago, and it arrived in the post yesterday. No camera, so no pics, dammit, but I can tell you this little frockeroo ties on one shoulder and has a tiny teapot on the front pocket.

It could not be sweeter if it was delivered with a bucket of puppies wearing hats.

But also, the package itself was a thing of such beauty I am bestruck with a great honking case of Style Envy.

So the parcel itself is red, which excites one immediately. It has a funny little label on it and it's sealed with a quirky little apple sticker. Inside is a spotty paper packet, tied with string and adorned with a little dog badge and a couple of funny postcards.

I hereby beseech you all to buy every present you ever need from now on at the fabulous online handmade-emporium Georgie Love. It doesn't even matter that the products themselves are lovely - the package they come in will be enough to raise your serotonin levels to happy-plus-even-a-bit-more-happy.


  1. I am sooooo with you - I too am a sucker for lovely wrapping and packaging. My heartrate accelerates at the sight of brighr colours and sweet details and bows and polka dots. It's an underrated artform, I think.

  2. So glad you like the dress, enjoy! and what a gorgeous job on the packaging :)


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