Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ivy is a lunatic. But she's not a lunatic.

I ran into my friend Sarah at the park this morning and she told me something that was, at first, hilarious, and increasingly since, disturbing.

'Is Ivy OK?' she asked. 'Because I was talking to this girl- she doesn't know you but she's read your column, and she said to me that Ivy had Multiple Personality Disorder.'

'Yes, totally, ' I laughed, and then while she looked at me confused, I added slowly, 'but, not, you know, pathologically. Just in the way of a three-year-old.'

We both looked down at Ivy, who was practicing hoop-di-doo, her own dance move that involves putting her head on the fround and raising one foot in the air. 'Who are you today, Ivy?' I asked. Without a pause, she answered 'Big Oscar.'

Sarah's friend had read this column, a light piece about life with an imaginative child. It never occured to me that someone could read it another way.

I've been feeling wierd and worried about it since. Is this woman just a fruit bar? Or should I put some sort of caveat at the end of everything I write stating 'These opinions are intended as charming comedy, even if reader finds them nobby and humourless.' ?


  1. We do hoop-di-dos here all the time. Only they are called yoga in our house and practised with extreme concentration. Your friends mate is a ding-bat. Ivy sounds like a gem who already (and hopefully forever more) dances to her own beat. We are definitely on team Ivy!

    And, by the way, kudos to you and Keith for letting her shine.

  2. Ivy is ace. Totally ace. She is an imaginative little soul who is creative to boot.

    I love Ivy. I wish there was more Ivy in all of us. She's one cool kitty.

    Don't give it another thought.

  3. First-time visitor here (well, hello!) and I clicked over to the original post and read it through, thinking the whole time: "Huh. Apparently my son has been visiting you." Max is just over 3 now, and he goes through stages where he is a kitty cat (meows, does not talk; drinks milk from a bowl on the kitchen floor) to Diesel from Thomas the Tank Engine (growls, does not talk; chugs across the room). He has insane outfits, and truly astounding accessories and he sings and dances and makes up words.

    I think it's all pretty great... give me a kid with imagination ANY day. And Ivy has imagination plus... she sounds fantastic!

  4. Oh that humourless moo moo can get stuffed, I am hoping that Rubes turns out even half as imaginitive and entertaining as Ivy. The fact that you encourage it and don't stifle it, makes you an AMAZING parent. Can you imagine if Ivy was with stifling and unimaginative parents like those? BAH. You are A1 lady.

  5. It can be disconcerting when something you wrote is taken the wrong way. I wouldn't worry,it sounds like all is pretty wonderful in your world. Don't stop being yourself and writing what's right for you, there will always be people that don't get it. I'm with Two Tuesdays re the dingbat. Go Ivy!! x

  6. Team Ivy!

    And just because this made me smile when I read it ages ago:

  7. Ivy sounds tops to me. I have an almost 3 year old, Scarlett, who seems to have been taking lessons from Ivy - although am sure they've never met.

    The problem is that we've all let our inner child go a long time ago, so we have forgotten what it looks like when you have the freedom to just let loose and be yourself.

    This chick doesn't even know you, yet is happy to judge. You have to choose carefully who you let offend you.

  8. I am still convinced, to this day, that the queen of the fairies took up residence in our plum tree and I was her loyal subject.

    Although I do kinda wonder now why she chose the suburban back blocks of Melbourne for her throne . . . something about the factory fumes perhaps . . .

    There's enough time for real life & labels later fruit-loop lady!

  9. Ivy rocks my socks. Sarah's friend has some significant issues. The first of which, I'd say, is chronic DUH.

    My littles insist on being called Jenny and Mike. We don't know why, exactly. They don't happen to know a Jenny or a Mike. My 18 month old meows and barks at odd intervals. That's just how we roll...

  10. I agree with everyone above me. And everyone in my head agrees too.

  11. Meh, the 'friend' is probably childless, humourless and completely without imagination herself.

    Ivy sounds delightful and I love reading about her.She makes me smile and gives me hope.

  12. Ivy is like the female version of my son, Rowan. And he won't answer you unless you get his name-of-the-moment right (which, by the way, could be just about anything). That friend of a friend of whomever needs to find her soul. Kids gotta be.

  13. I'm not a mama (yet...) so can't speak from experience, but she just sounds like one cool kid with a big imagination. Good on her, I say!


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