Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Which Keith Dances Through a Masculinity Crisis.

Keith is lying on the lounge with Ivy, telling her chapter 15 of his on-going story about Tortellini, the fairy that rides about on Ted's shoulder and sleeps in Ivy's shoe. She makes their tricycles fly, and they usually need to fly at some point in their adventures. Tonight Tortellini's friends Spaghetti, Fettucine and Ravioli (the chubby one) are over to ride grasshoppers around the garden.

It's a sweet sight, this little ritual.

It makes up a little for an hour ago, when Teddy, all post-bath and coconut-massage, clean jarmied and fresh-nappied, poured his milk on the floor and started frantically stomping it everywhere. I called out to Keith to stop the madness.

Did Keith help?

No, he didn't.

He continued to dance a one-legged cha-cha on the rug, waving his crutches and singing along to 'Lean On Me' on the radio.

He feels emasculated, he jokes, because he can't walk and I am doing his Man Jobs, like hauling the bins half a kilometre up the dirt track to the main road. But I think only a true man can really inhabit the emotional landscape of an overweight fairy, and interpret 80's calypso pop through dance , even when he must crawl to the toilet.


  1. Oh crikey – I'm really, really, REALLY trying to wipe the smile from my dial (because I feel your pain and all) but honestly, how could he not belt out his rendition of Lean On Me? Radio kismet that was.

  2. You got me...Please pass the Kool-Aid. (I like the grape kind.)

  3. This made me smile, Jeff used to make up his own bedtime stories for the children as well. One of their favourites was the three bad pigs and the scared little wolf. The stories were ever changing and very very convoluted.

    Your parcel arrived yesterday and I was very excited, I was only expecting the grass roots magazine So the other goodies were a lovely surprise. The wagon wheels vanished in a flash hehe I haven't had a wagon wheel in years. So thankyou very much..


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