Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Efficiency of The Sloth.




The koala has a nice set-up. I'd like to sleep 23 hours a day and then chew a few leaves for a while. But here I am, living with two tiny tornados that keep wanting me to feed them and make cardboard hats. *

This morning, for instance, we've had a tea party, dragged Ivy's bed out to the loungeroom and set up a new nest, covered Ted in sticky labels, put the trucks into a garage, surfed around the house on a boogie board, and emptied the tea-towel drawer.

In between, I cleaned up breakfast, threw a loaf into the breadmaker, made the beds and put load of nappies on. I was disappointed to discover that what I thought was a tea-towel around my neck was in fact, the leggings that Ivy wee'd on this morning. They only made it halfway to the laundry.

Now, Sesame Street is on and I am taking a little koala time. Sit down, chew on a coffee and have a think.

I have two columns to write these days, and various domestic projects waiting patiently for their turn to come to the top of the pile. Also, I have books to read, baths to float in, a husband to chat to and blogs to surf.

I've decided the key is to be slothful, yet efficient. To Maximise My Lazification. Last night, for example, I watched Big Love, then Brothers and Sisters, THEN i watched half of the film Couples Retreat. It was like a relationship-dramady binge. (Can you tell Keith is in Canberra?) In the ads I cleaned up the kitchen and during the borning bits I sorted out my admin box. It was deeply lazy and yet highly productive, all at once.

That's multi-tasking, people!

*ps: do I sound like I'm complaining? I'm not. I'm as happy as a pig on a potty.


  1. Boogie boarding around the house? Can we please move in...

  2. Yes, yes, but since I've discovered your blog, I'm addicted to your voice, and I really want to hear all about preschool!

    Suggested title: In which the big bad world contrives to get its first, tenacious toe-hold in the mind of my unpolluted little one.

    Am I projecting? I'm projecting aren't I?

    And I'm not a stalker (well, not wholly a stalker) I'll see you at B&R's house on Sat, for the DR for the R&B show. I may be wearing a blonde wig.


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