Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colour Me Stupid.

My camera is busted, which is a shame, because today we reached a new low in grooming here at the derro-fabulous Mogantosh ranch.

Ivy, Ted and I spent a funny half-hour on the deck this afternoon playing with big bowls of water. I refilled them a lot, in crazy colours, because sometimes I'm Fun Like That. And, crucially, because I thought food colouring just washed off.

Ivy and I spent an especially long time squirting Teddy all over the hair with little baby Panadol syringes. He likes to be a fun puppet for the ladies. I let Ivy squirt me in the face, and then I called an end to the party and hauled everybody off to the bath.

Where the stains didn't come out.

What the what?

Ivy and Teddy have preschool and daycare tomorrow. He's got greenish hair and a stripe down his nose, and she has multicoloured streaks all over. Plus, she reached five stars on her Rewards Chart, and got the current favourite prize from the box- a sheet of temporary tatts. No prizes for guessing the design...yes, skulls and crossbones all over her stomach.

Me, I scrubbed off OK, except for a faint blue tinge all around one eye. It doesn't look good... for Keith's standing in the local community.

I have to do some work in the library tomorrow, where I already have a bad reputation. Possibly, they may look a little more kindly on me now that they know I'm a battered wife, struggling to cope with an early-onset psychiatric disorder in the family.

And on that topic, thanks all for your kind words yesterday. I'm on Team Ivy too, all the way. (To the locked ward. )


  1. Cracker jacks, I can't wait for the sequel to this story.

    Every single time I am here, I laugh out loud. You is good for my health lady.

    Good luck scrubby scrubbing those rainbows off (but really, do you really care, I never do. Scout always walks around with texta drawn all over her limbs - she had fun - that's the main thing... er right...?).

  2. Undiluted shampoo or facial cleanser are good for getting hair dye off skin - might be worth a shot. Coloured-in kids sound pretty cute, though!

  3. I just read your last post and god this gives me the shits! How could ANYONE diagnose a three year old with anything???!!!! MPD is a serious and very rare pyshiatric illness only seen in adults generally with an extremely traumatic background- to say that a 3yo has anything like that! It makes me so angry that all behaviour is so pathologized. No one is ever sad anymore or having a bad day- tehy are depressed. it is called life!! Its not meant to be happy all the time. Busy has a personality called Trixie- she wears pink high heals and pink sunglasses and drive s a car with a broken roof ( convertable) its hilarious.
    Sorry about the rant- i for got this was YOUR blog. heheheh.
    Busty is always filthy, except for the 60 seconds between getting out of the bath getting dried and dressed... then she is dirty again.

  4. Ha! That is fantastic! Don't worry...It should wear off in two or three days :)

    Seriously, I can't stop giggling every time I think about your colorful bunch!

  5. I always teach my kids their coours by putting food dye in the bath. I have never had a problem with getting it off them but maybe that's because it is more diluted. Shame your camera isnt working, the photos would have been great to show the kids in years to come. XX


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