Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer of the Tiffin Box.

We're so lucky to have the beach as a backyard. This tiffin box (courtesy of Great-Aunty Maggles) has been a wonderful picnic-friend for late afternoon beach frolics.

I really love this tiffin box, even more since Keith told me that it reminded him of me. (Unusual, strangely practical, and made him smile.)

Also, I love surfboards found at the side of the road. And so does Ivy, the new surf-dog of the family.

I love watching Keith pass on his love of the ocean to the kids.

Teddy loves dogs. He calls them 'go-go's and he'll chase them for miles. Lucky for him, Sharkey's is a dog beach.

Most of all I love watching the I kids get bare-nekkid, cuddle their Dad and go crazy-bananas on the sand.


  1. Hey hey beauty! The only woman I love at stupid o'clock. Although slightly stalker like - I love that I can catch up with you at 3am, look at your neekid bunnies, see your smile and listen to your ramblings. Speaking of which - new parent columnist - great news, you are so totally brilliant.
    xx lolo

  2. How excellent to remind of a tiffin box! Anything picked up from the side of the road is fab, and crazy bananas on the sand is the only way to go.

  3. I love the way the mogantosh's beach

  4. This post made me smile, a lot.

  5. Not jealous of your beach backyard at all. nooooooope. No. Ok, maybe a little bit. It all looks idyllic and I'd love that to be our summer too!

  6. Nekkid kidlet cheeks for the win.

  7. I want your tiffin box. And I want one of the gorgeous pills that you feed your kids.


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