Sunday, January 17, 2010


I saw the ShelterBox demonstrated a few weeks ago at a local fete. It's a Rotary initiative and really an amazing invention. It's a tent, and all equipment necessary to house and feed 10 people, packed in a a box ready to deliver to disaster areas. According to the website:

A ShelterBox usually consists of:

10 thermal blankets
A rugged 10 person dome tent
Tools and other survival equipment
It provides:

dry shelter
a warm bed
light and heat
clean water
cooking aids

It also includes toys for children, privacy (and dignity) shields, and each one costs about $1200. You can donate here: ShelterBox.

It's hard to imagine the depth of despair and confusion that so many Haitians are experiencing right now, as i sit in my solid house, with healthy children and a full pantry. I feel blessed, and I recognise the fickle nature of luck.

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  1. This truly is love in a little box.

    I just sold a few odds and sods on Ebay. I think the cash-ola would be better spent here than in Coles. Thanks for the information.


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