Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scruffiness: It's a Blessing and a Curse.

I went to the op-shop yesterday to drop off a pile of stuff. Ivy was at day-care, so armed with only one tiny destroyer, I was able to have an excellent little wander. A bag of books for $3 including gems like 'Can I be a Christian Without Being Weird?' (perfect for the gift box), some gorgeous vintage childrens books and a 70's sewing book for me, with some spectacularly crotch-hugging knit pants (how to sew a camel-toe!)

I've had felting on my mind so I checked out the blankies and found a beautiful cream Onkaparinka in excellent condition. At the counter, the woman gave me what seemed a huge discount and a sympathetic look.

Oh, the guilt!

Teddy was not looking his finest. He took a big stack running down the driveway yesterday and scraped his eye. We'd arrived at Vinnies after a good dirty play in the park and half a rockmelon. I was in my normal state of disarray.

Obviously we looked like we were in real need of welfare, and while I appreciate my great bargain, I do feel terrible that, just because I am a slattern, some actual needy person might have missed out.


  1. pissing myself at camel toe comment- and that book! GOLD!!!!!

  2. I want to have a play in the park, get even more scruffy than usual, eat half a rockmelon and head off for some op shopping goodness! Sounds like my ideal day...

  3. You know how sometimes somebody uses a word, and you think "I MUST re-include that into my general vernacular"?
    Hello, 'slattern'.

  4. Don't feel the guilts! There are plenty of blankets to go around. Just take a look in my mother-in-laws linen cupboard. PLENTY of goody woolly blankies for those who need them. Go forth and felt with great aplomb!


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