Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Sew-Sew

Plans are afoot at the Mogantosh ranch.

Keith starts writing his textbook tomorrow. It's going to be about current voltage characterisation of silicon solar cells. Say that four times while drunk! (I've tried and it's very challenging.)

I've got my own projects on the boil. I have so many things I want to make and sort out around the house, and in the whirl of toddler-management and constant housework, they keep getting derailed. I'm going to have a crack at giving them a month each, and then moving on.

So February is going to be my month of sewing.

I'm such a bad, bodgy sewer. I'm unsuited to it. Pins? Pointless! Patterns? I'll just cut out the picture in my head. Ironing?? Come on! I'll just hold the edges down, nice and tight... I hope that, over this month, I can rise above the limitations of my unfortunate personality and become somebody else. A calm, pressing, pattern-cutting, putting-the-bits-away somebody.

First off, I've started working on fabric sandwich bags and snack packs for Ivy and Ted's forays into pre-school and child-care. Oh, so much love goes into lunch when you can't be there.

I got the sandwich bag idea from Towards Sustainability. It's a very simple square with velcro tabs at all four corners. On the fabric I've laid out a cut-up sandwich bag and sewn it together. (Unfortunately, the camera is busted so I can't take a better series of photos.) It's food-grade plastic, and they just wash out in the sink and hang up on the kitchen curtain, dry the next day. Since making this bag, though, Julie's figured out how to use beeswax to seal the fabric instead - a better idea I think. But dagnammit, I just figured out the last method! I think you could also use PUL fabric too.

The snack pack is my own work, sort of an envelope shape with a velcro strip that closes the lid. The plastic is sewn in again...badly. But it works. I've packed this with grapes, blueberries, cheese and biscuits, carrot sticks, sultanas - haven't had any problems washing it.

The little labels are made with calico and a fabric pen, but alphabet stamps would be lovely, I think. The sandwich bag is from an old sarong of Keith's, and I love the yellow flowers on the snack pack- they look like pants the Brady Bunch might have worn when performing as the Silver Platters.

If you would like me to make you a sandwich wrap for your small person, just leave a comment below and tell me their name. I'll put it on my February list and post it to you.


  1. they are great and matilda woould love one. thanks xxoo

  2. I just got my mitts on the (very) overdue library copy of sewing green and saw something similar - but yours are so much better and cuuute!

    Thanks for the most wonderful comment. Am definitely hunting down that Elizabeth Gilbert book (which is also hideously overdue).

  3. very cool Rach ! the boys are starting pre-school next week and I was wondering how to waterproof the lunch serviette, PUL fabric is a great idea! xc

  4. These are DIVINE! I love them - they are super cool, and I love your fonts. That is the creme de la creme.

    Any chance your dream might come true? Because, well, here's hoping. If I got $125 mill, then I can CERTAINLY send some your way. That made me chuckle. And dream. I mean I wouldn't know the first thing to do with that much money, but I can be charitable. And buy us a house. And there would end the very long chapter of us living with my MIL. And that's certainly a happy ever after. YES???

    Love your bags. Go the sewing. I am like you. So I moved the iron to where I was sewing and made a flat stand so I didn't have any excuses. I also managed to sew up the sides of a drawstring bag - oops. Noah is still waiting for me to unpick it (but I sewed over it about 20 times).

  5. Kim lol I would love one for my lunchbox. pretty please?

  6. I relate to everything you are saying about sewing. I too have a gazillion ideas running through my brain. When I finally get a minute to myself I am in a mad panic and rip, cut and sew, no pattern, pins or pressing. I think your lunch bags are wonderful. I've seen similar things before and never understood how they work and don't leak and go soggy. Thanks to your explanation it all makes sense now. I hope you are having a great start to the new week. X


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