Friday, January 22, 2010

Dream Bedroom for the Baby Bears.

So beautiful! I found this image at Leigh from Marvellous Kiddo's new blog.

I can't wait to put Ivy and Ted in a room together - when he turns two, I hope. (I'm nothing if not an optimist.)

He went so well at day-care! I arrived at lunchtime, nervy and sickish, to find him sitting happily chomping on his cheeses and vegemite sanger. Not a tear! (Such a contrast to the high, high drama of Ivy's first days at care.) For the first time in forever, Ivy and I had a date morning, just the two of us. We swam at the pool and the beach, shared a bacon and egg roll and made funny faces at each other.

I love tiny people in gangs, so I pretended Teddy's lunchtime buddies were hiding their food. 'Emma! What's your sandwich doing in your pocket! Have you got any apples down your shirt, Zane?' Etc.. Then, spurred on by approval (pathetic? moi?), I started finding sultanas behind ears. So funny! Until... 'Look! I have a sultana in my ear! Look!' 'I can put one in there too!' 'Me too! Tana's in my ears! Look! Look!'

'No, ' I backtracked desperately, 'Putting sultanas in your ears is naughty! Naughty! Just eat them. Yum, yum, yum.'

Wayne gave me a look. 'Teddy's welcome back anytime,' he said, 'but you're banned.'


  1. we have Rubes in care 2 days a week and it was AWFUL for us, but although there are still tears (for about 10 seconds) when we drop her off, she has fun days and it actually brought her out of her shell and made her a much more confident little girl. I think it can be good for them (harder for us, ack) Go Teddy!

  2. Go Ted!!! Thats great. they love it- its so sweet seeing them hang with their buddies. Busy just went back this week and she loves it- she missed her daycarer and some of her little mates.

  3. You are so SO naughty! But better than them putting them up their nose.. Or not? Noah used to put Skittles up his nose. It was freaky.

    Hey how was JoJo Newsom???

    Love that bedroom, that is GORGEOUS> I even want a room like that. But I get the top bunk.

  4. love the bedroom! teddy is probably the coolest cat of the gang at his daycare!


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