Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Ted

I'm nervous and fitchety.

I can't relax.

Teddy starts day-care tomorrow!

He's going to a wonderful place, I know and trust his carer, I'm really looking forward to Friday's free for writing (especially considering I just got such a great gig as the new columnist for Practical Parenting Magazine!)


...he's so leetle!

Just five minutes ago he looked like this.

And now this!

The Bear is hilarious. When anybody laughs in his earshot, he hoots along, like a nervous loner at a cocktail party. He's dog-obsessed. He can blow man-sized raspberries and he is a total yea-sayer - he has a hundred ways of shouting 'Yes!' and he never says no.

He's still at least half baby but he's taking on all the characteristic craziness of the toddler. For instance, he loves to wear a pair of Ivy's green Dorothy the Dinosaur knickers on his head. He'll bring them to me, waving them wildly and jibber-jabbering in his nonsense language. 'Do you want me to put your hat on, Teddy?' I'll ask, and ''Yeah!' he shouts. So I put on his pants-hat and he toddles off, delighted. I love him so much.

Every Friday, from now on, I'll miss those moments.

Sad, sad, sad.


  1. I have such a similar picture of my Busy.

  2. He will be fine, more importantly so will you!!!

  3. Rach - I just can't believe how much like Frank he looks!!! Gorgeous X Nikki

  4. Congrats on the writing gig! You are super clever.


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