Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Day, Another Toddler.

It's been one of those days. Inside, I feel like this.

Keith's been away for a couple of days and I'm living in a world of these conversations:

Ivy: The skulls in my kidneys are a bit tired. They have gone to bed. If you press on my shoulders you can hear my skulls talking.

Me: What are they saying?

Ivy: They are singing 'chitty chitty bang bang.'

I'm desperate for a little space. At one stage today I persisted in reading a book on the toilet even though Teddy was poking bits of toilet paper into the loo behind me and Ivy was bouncing Dodo the stuffed dog on my knee.

When all else fails, head outside. We spent a long time drawing with chalk on the concrete this afternoon. It was a grey day, and something about the light was so pretty.

Currently Ivy will only answer to the name Bindi. When I put her on the phone to say hello to her Dad she said 'Hi, Steve Irwin, how are you?'

She's a lunatic. But she's my lunatic.


  1. I love Ivy. She needs her own reality tv show, I would totally tune in.

  2. I seriously cackled out loud and read this to Chef who also cackled. I hope you are writing all these little treasures down. too funny!!

  3. That is one awesome imagination!

  4. I think I love Ivy too. And I love her frock in the photos. I've been looking for one just like it for work.

  5. Super kid you have there Terri!

    Oh how I know those days, last week after a crazy (not as in a crazy yet funny kind of day) I had finally got all the kids to sleep and was finally my way to bed when I stepped on the turtle potty's head and showered myself in a forgotten wee.....and all I could think was what a fitting end to the day it was.

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  7. Hhhmm... a veggie garden and children? Well, one can daydream. Is there time for veggies when there are skulls lurking in ones kidneys? That made my heart melt, your little tots are adorable, and have fantastic imaginations! Anna x


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