Friday, January 15, 2010

2010, lets make out.

Sometimes if I get out of the swing of bloggery, it is hard to find a graceful moment to jump back on the horse, so I just have to grab its mane and haul myself arkwardly on, my skirt tucked into my undies, accidentally giving myself a painful and intimate horse-rash.

And here I am!

2010, I have plans for you. I'm making myself purty for you and everything.

Ted is starting family day-care one day a week from next week, and Ivy starts going to pre-school for two days from early February. I feel a little tear of heartbreak at the thought, but it's swiftly erased by the excitement of a DAY TO MYSELF.



Ladies! Can I get a witness! I am determined to use my time to write, and ignore the housework.

And it's definitely been a long time since I was working, becuase I'm full of ideas for features and proposals; not limp at the prospect of the pitch-rejection freelance dance... There are a few interesting work prospects on the horizon too.

When I'm not writing, I've got lots of fun plans. This year I want to learn how to make soap, ginger beer, jam and chutney. I'm determined to master my sewing machine to make the kids clothes this year (my hand-sewing is worse than bodgy) and this winter, I'm knitting: dishcloths, for starters. A year for domestic skills, and trying to pay the bills.


  1. sounds like a plan! Bonne chance. xc

  2. Ohhh I'm sooo jealous! A WHOLE DAY to yourself?? The possibilities!!
    One day... one day I'll have that too. Maybe...

  3. Even now when my youngest is 15 I cherish time by myself because it is still such a rarity.

    I will look up some recipes for you I have my grandmother's ginger beer recipe if you want it. Mum's lemonade which is really yummy. Nan's Zucchini relish which is to die for as well. I had a break for a couple of years making relish, sauces and chutneys but now that My grand daughter has Coeliacs I had better get back into the swing of it.

    If you have a decent freezer, I freeze all my fruit etc and make jam, etc when the weather is a bit cooler.

  4. If you need help with mastering the sewing I am a willing teacher....
    amy xx

  5. good to see you back on the horse. plans sound great x

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  7. Thank you, helpful buddies of the blogosphere. I would love to enrol in all your training courses. xx

  8. I like your new year plans. How are they going thus far? And yes, you're right ... so many years to be sensible. And even then, I might not be.


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