Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Did I Put a Tic-Tac Up My Nose, Mummy?

I couldn't answer that question for Ivy, so she answered it herself.

'I think,' she said slowly, 'It was because you really didn't want me to.'

It started, early this morning, with a sudden battle, as my days often do. I rushed to intervene. 'Mummy!' Ivy wailed. 'Teddy is trying to take the Tic-Tac out of my nose!' 'Ted, ' I began, 'Leave the Tic-Tac up Ivy's - what? WHAT?'

I couldn't see it. Had it reached her brain? Would it dissolve? How much should I freak out? Then the tears began. 'Mum, it hurts!' And the remorse. 'Why? Why did I do this, Mummy?'

Meanwhile I was on the phone to my sister and bro-in-law, the handy ambos, and packing a bag for a a possible six-hour stint in A & E. Snack pack, nappy bag, books, hidden desperation treats....



Ivy was wearing a little white pellet on her lip.

Crisis averted.

This time.


  1. Sounds like a fun morning! Why do kids want to insert items? The same reasons they like to press buttons, because they can! And it's fun! There is only so much supervision possible in one lifetime and thankfully this time it wasn't a hospital visit. This will make a great story later on! xo

  2. what a nightmare that coudl have been- or extreme boredom!!

  3. Oh no, i do love the way you tell stories, so entertaining. Poor little love, let's hope that lesson is learnt. hehehe
    Pleased the crisis was solved without a trip to

  4. You have perfectly captured the essence of life as a parent. May all your crisis be as easily solved as this one.

  5. We've only had a pea put up a nose (touch wood!) and that was easily squished back out with blunt tweezers. Sure, we had to sit on her to do it, but whatever,

  6. BECAUSE the crisis was averted, I'm allowed to giggle, right? And um, how's that grey hair coming along?!

  7. You've totally taken me back to when Noah stuck a Skittle up his nose. It resulted in me totally freaking out, and then just thinking well there's nothing I can do, we just have to go to the A&E. And then magically he snorted it out. And then he did it again a little while later - but he didn't do it again once I told him he'd have to go to hospital and it would probably hurt to get it taken out. That stopped that. Ivy, do stop it, before your Mummy spontaneously combusts.

  8. That's hilarious (now that it ended up ok)! Though, I can imagine it was far from funny at the time - they know how to keep us on our toes don't they!

  9. We had a similar incident on the same night - but with a rolled up, nostril sized piece of fruit stick.

    I'm a paediatric nurse, and I still panicked. But it's different when it's your own child......

    Had to practically sit on mine until she agreed to blow her nose hard. But it shot out like a bullet, thank god.


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