Monday, December 14, 2009


It's nearing the end of a busy day at home. Both kiddos have gone off to bed with no fuss, after spending a happy evening playing with the Wiggles bus.

I've gotta, tell you, I'm pretty impressed with this one.

It's been a crafty day in general around here, and we've got the mess to prove it. Some days are like this. Packed with action, and full of fun. Chances are, tomorrow I'll be all tuckered out, vanquished by the laundry monster and hanging out for 7.30 so I can recover on the couch in front of Californication. But today, as often happens with Mondays around here, we're on fire.

Teddy has been staggering about the house in this dinosaur head all day. I couldn't get him in a pic though -he's too fast. Here's Ivy instead, sporting the new patch I had to sew on her beloved Warnie t-shirt, which is showing the wear and tear of her violent passion.

Had to snap this pic of the two bears eating dinner, for the first time both perched on kitchen stools. No high chair required. A new era! I thought, but moments later, I gave Ted a cup of milk which he turned blithely upside down and poured down his pants. We're not quite there yet.

I'm working on some secret Christmas sewing for my little nieces. Ivy - who doesn't sleep any more at lunchtime, breaking my heart- helped me out with the cutting. Unfortunately Keith is in Canberra, because the next bit is where I really need him. These jobbies require Velcro, plastic lining, and tricky folding and sewing. I cannot get my head to hold the required information, and I need my engineer spouse. Sneaky peek, sisters:

Here's Teddy's Xmas singlet, dye job a little patchy, but still blue enough to match his lovely peepers. It's waiting to be hand-sewn while I watch Man Vs Wild tonight, trying not to stab myself when Bear takes his shirt off.

Which leads me, randomly, to the Bear Grylls cubby Keith built the kids on the weekend. Impressive! And Ivy, tiny savage, naked but for silver sandals and a bangle.

We've been dancing to the Keating soundtrack today (Ivy's favourite number: the GST rap battle between Keating and John Hewson: 'Dr who? Dr Hewson! Sit up straight when I'm taking to you, son...'). There's only been one small animal on the naughty shelf. And Teddy, working hard on his sign language (more soon) even managed 'I love you'.

I almost burst with pride. I hope your Mondays were just as full of fun and wonder.


  1. I am big loving the craft-off taking over at your place. I love Teddy's singlet, so cute, great colour. Loving the dino head - very cool. I love it all in fact, even the look of those sausos. Y to the UM.

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